The tourism guide of Dubai highlights the amazing tourist attractions in Dubai from adventurous desert safari on sand dunes to most romantic Dubai cruise holiday. Experience the world famous Dubai shopping festival the major tourism highlight of the city. Dubai tourism also promotes beach resorts and hotels in Dubai, incredibly high tech buildings and malls that only leaves its visitors spell bind.
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DubaiOver the years Dubai is the second largest emirate in the federation after Abu Dhabi and Dubai tourism has become a major focus of Dubai's economy. Dubai tourism guide takes you to the glorious past of Dubai with various historical places and museums like Al Fahidi Fort, Bin Muzaina House, Bait Al Wakeel, Burj Nahar etc display the rich culture and heritage of the city.

Dubai's whopping constructions and developments in various industries through contemporary real estate projects, sports events, shopping festivals and conferences has attracted world-wide attention for Dubai City, establishing it as the world's leading business hub. Tourism of Dubai city also showcases numerous spectacular beaches, luxurious hotels, beach side resorts with excellent security in the world.

Dubai has a rich cultural scene with art museums, film festivals (Dubai film festival) and performing arts centers, in addition to being a shopper's delight, hosting the annually held Dubai Shopping Festival. Dubai is a city of amazement waiting to be explored holding the potential for one of the most significant international cities of the 21st century.

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Dubai Tourist Attractions
Dubai Tourist AttractionsDubai offers its visitors with great shopping, camel racing, mountains, beaches, deserts and oases, among many other delights. From the standstill desert to the lively bustle of the souk, Dubai does not only boast the best enthralling sights but has also preserved some of the most alluring historical attractions.
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Dubai Dubai culture is a cosmopolitan one. With the arrival of great number of foreign population which includes, Persians, Indians, Baluchis etc, the culture in Dubai has become a global one. With Islam as its official religion, Dubai finds its deep rooting in Islamic traditions that is an integral part of Dubai way of life. Like religion, language, Culture in Dubai is also diverse and although Arabic is declared to be the official language of Dubai, other languages of the world co-exist with it.
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Dubai DesertToday, the world's eyes are strained on Dubai where even the most incredible is becoming possible. Man-made islands, building of a new coast-line, the world's tallest habitable tower, new parameters of leisure water-front living, the world's largest mall, a rotating tower...the list is seemingly endless.
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Dubai Burj Al ArabDubai has free and liberal economic policies that has paved the way of rapid progress in city's infrastructure and service sector. Find out here more about that lets you know how the free trade policy of Dubai has attracted huge investments in its Media, Finance and Real Estate sector.
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Dubai Government
Dubai GovernmentThe Dubai government is made up of the Supreme Council of the UAE - the highest federal authority - headed by the hereditary rulers of the seven emirates. It is responsible for general policy matters involving education, defense, foreign affairs, communications, development and the establishment federal laws.
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