Dubai signed an agreement called the Twinning agreement with the Sister cities of Dubai that includes the famous international cities. The need to form such strategic partnership was felt way back in the year 2002 by the city planners. The Twinning city agreement has a remarkable impact on Dubai's advancement towards growth and development.
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Dubai Sister Cities

The city of Dubai has seen a rapid transformation from a small trading settlement of early period to the present most attractive and rapidly growing commercial hub of the world of 21st century. The highest standards of economic growth and infrastructure facilities has encouraged the policy makers of Dubai to join hands with other cities of the world to foster more growth in terms of economy, trade and tourism in Dubai. In view of this Dubai Government started signing twinning agreements with the different cities of the world known as the sister cities of Dubai from the year 2002. At present Dubai has 13 sister cities having the twining agreements signed.

Detroit, Michigan, USA

The largest city of the Michigan state of the United States of America (USA), Detroit is also the major port city on the river Detroit. It is also known as the world's traditional automotive centre for housing auto majors of the world like General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. To take city's industrial recognization on to global map, Detroit city signed the twinning agreement with Dubai in year 2002.

Barcelona, Spain

In year 2006 Dubai inked a twinning agreement with the largest port city of Spain, Barcelona. The city's location on the coast of Mediterranean sea makes it a major centre of commercial activities of the Europe. The signing of sister cities agreement> between Dubai and Barcelona would pave the ways for the exchange of mutual expertise in their industrial domains in forms of official visits by the delegates from both cities.

Frankfurt, Germany

Located on the river named main, Frankfurt is the fifth largest city of Germany and also the prime centre of financial and transportation activities of continental Europe. Frankfurt is also the hosting city to the major international fairs of the world.

Moscow, Russia

Moscow is the capital, the largest city and the center of all major political, economical and cultural activities of Russia. Moscow has signed the twinning agreements with several cities of the world to exchange cultural and expertise exchange apart from co-operating for organizing trade exhibitions.

Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast is situated in the south-east of the Queensland, Australia. Gold Coast is the sixth most populous of Australia and one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Famous for its long sandy coast lines, sunny sub-tropical weather, popular surfing beaches and host of other tourist activities make Gold Coast to attract millions of domestic and international travellers.

Damascus, Syria

Damascus is the largest and the capital city of Syria and also is one of the cities in the world, housed with number of historical sites. The ancient city of Damascus has been listed as the UNESCO, World Heritage Site.

Guangzhou, China

Famous with names like the south-gate of China, The Flower City and the Five Rams City, Guangzhou is the capital city of Guangdong province of China. The location as a port on the Pearl river makes Guangzhou city a centre of all port based commercial activities of southern China.

Geneva, Switzerland

The second most populous city in Switzerland, Geneva houses diplomatic centres of various countries and headquarters of different international organizations. Geneva is also regarded as the global city and the world's sixth most important financial center by the Global Financial Center Index.

Shanghai, China

Keeping in its vision the all round development and strengthening of bilateral relationships with its like cities, Dubai city joined hands and signed a twinning agreement with another Asian city Shanghai, China. Shanghai is the home to over 20 million people, that makes this city largest in China.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey that lies in the north-west of the country and surrounded the natural harbor called the Golden Hom. Istanbul is the city of ancient castles, mosques, marketplaces, churches and museums making it among the important centres of European cultural activities.

Osaka, Japan

To get benefits from the expertise and experience from different cities of the world, Dubai city has signed twinning agreement with Osaka, Japan in October 2002. The establishment of Dubai Osaka Partnership Forum is one of the results of this agreement which enhance the scope of economic objectives and exchanging mutual expertise.

Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom

In year 2004 Dubai singed the twinning agreement with the city of Dundee in Scotland of the United Kingdom to develop common understanding, exchange of expertise and experience in fields such as economics, trade, culture, science and technology.

Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut is the capital and largest city of Lebanon which lies at the centre of the Lebanon's coast of Mediterranean Sea, making Beirut a major sea port for all major commercial activities. The city of Beirut is also famous in the region for its cultural activities and recently it was counted among the top ten liveliest cities in the world by the lonely planet list of top ten cities 2009.
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