New Zealand
Travel New Zealand, a land of celestial beauty and a dream holiday destination known for Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and kiwis world wide.
New ZealandNew Zealand
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New Zealand

Brief Introduction about New Zealand :
Imagine a unique land of breathtaking scenery: craggy coastlines, sweeping golden beaches, verdant forests, gurgling volcanic pools, flashing fish-filled rivers and glacier-fed lakes, all beneath a brilliant blue sky. New Zealand is accessible, spread over three relatively small islands with modern and efficient transport, quiet roads, plenty of flights and two stunningly scenic rail journeys. Other pluses are friendly, English-speaking people, virtually no crime, and a trio of rich cultural influences – adventurous Polynesian navigators (Maori), pioneering European settlers who followed a thousand years later, and modern Pacific Rim immigrants.

The plant and animal life are unmatched, giving opportunities for close-up experiences with birdlife (including kiwis), seals, dolphins and whales. Enjoy the chance to explore two of the richest New-World wine regions on the planet, taste wonderful cuisine, stroll on moody beaches, tramp through the national parks or over alpine passes. Try bungee jumping, caving or whitewater rafting: you can ski or snowboard on eerily quiet world-class slopes, scuba dive in unique colour-filled marine reserves, sail on exciting waters or meander tournament-class golf courses. If that is not your bag, immerse yourself in culture in the museums and galleries of New Zealand’s main cities – Auckland, Christchurch and the capital Wellington.

History of New Zealand :
New Zealand was originally settled in the 1300s by the Maoris (pronounced MAU-rees), who called it Aotearoa (Land of the Long White Cloud). A tradition of oral history recounts how 10 great canoes arrived from an island near Tahiti to populate the islands. For 500 years Maori life went untouched by the outside world. They had spectacular zigzag tattoos, made war among themselves and either enslaved or ate their enemies.

The next epoch in the islands' history opened in 1642, when the Dutch explorer Abel van Tasman sighted the land but left without claiming it. Captain Cook claimed the islands 130 years later for the British throne, but it wasn't until the 1830s that Pakeha, or white, settlement began in earnest. New Zealand - Land of White CloudsConflict between the native Maoris and the British settlers ensued until 1840, when a conditional peace was established. Another, bloodier war was fought in the early 1860s and ended with a more-or-less live-and-let-live attitude that persists to this day. The country is an independent member of the Commonwealth and has declared itself a nuclear-free zone.

Geographical Location :
New Zealand consists of two large islands (called the North Island and the South Island) as well as numerous small islands. Both major islands are mountainous with coastal plains. The North Island is more populous and has a warmer, more temperate climate. The South Island is colder, but more spectacular, with fjords, glaciers and hundreds of streams and lakes.

Weather and Climate of New Zealand :
New Zealand's seasons are opposite those in the Northern Hemisphere. The North Island is warmer than the South Island by at least 10 degrees F/5 C year round. Auckland always has fairly mild temperatures. Our favorite months are mid September through October, when the flowers and the apple trees and dogwoods are in bloom. There's skiing July-September on the South Island; the weather on top of the mountains can be very cold, so bring winter coats and rain gear if you'll be spending much time there. Take a sweater year round.

New Zealand - ClimateMulticultural Hues of New Zealand :
New Zealanders are generally relaxed, hospitable and very friendly . The country of English-speaking people, virtually no crime, and a trio of rich cultural influences – adventurous Polynesian navigators (Maori), pioneering European settlers who followed a thousand years later, and modern Pacific Rim immigrants. Stiff formality is rarely appreciated and after introductions first names are generally used. Smoking is restricted where indicated. Casual dress is widely acceptable. The Hongi (pressing of noses) is common in a fomal Maori occasion .

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